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Baft (Weifang) Chemical Co., Ltd.

Established in 2002, it is the  new type of green environmental protection enterprise to be invested by a foreign party, the American Baft International Group. The Chinese base is headquartered in Gujiuzhou, Damei Qingzhou, with a long history. It covers an area of 300,000 Square meters.
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Baft (Weifang) Chemical Co., Ltd.
The company has a powerful new special fertilizer product research platform. The American Baft International Group is headquartered in Chicago, USA. It is a century-old multinational group based on the United States authoritative scientific research institution BAFUTE. It is one of the world's largest plant nutrient suppliers with technology research and development transfer and corporate mergers and acquisitions. The company also cooperated with Israel to create new water-soluble special fertilizer products, combined with European EBIC institutions to innovate biological stimulant technology, and introduced new technologies of Japanese compound microbial flora symbiosis.
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Recently, Baft (Weifang) Chemical Co., Ltd., which has been transformed and upgraded into a "special fertilizer expert",...